Acacia in Flowers (1890)

“Elegance. Friendship. Love. The floral language of Acacia. So, I love you.”



Acacia in Flowers (1890)
Vincent was a month from his death (37 year-old)
Method: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: Dimensions: 33 x 24cm/ Frame: 40 x 31 x 3 cm
Location: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
“…that, after your own marriage, is what I should set my heart on more than anything.
When you are married, perhaps there will be other marriages in the family, and in any case you will see your way clear and the house will not be empty any more.
Whatever I think on other points, our father and mother were exemplary as married people.
And I shall never forget Mother at Father’s death, when she only said one small word: it made me begin to love dear old Mother more than before. In fact as married people our parents were exemplary, like Roulin and his wife, to cite another instance.
Well, go straight ahead along that road. During my illness I saw again every room of the house at Zundert, every path, every plant in the garden, the views from the fields round about, the neighbors, the graveyard, the church, our kitchen garden behind-down to the magpie’s nest in a tall acacia in the graveyard.” (From Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, January, 1889 in Arles)
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