Self-Portrait (August, 1887 in Paris)

Notice the expression between the brows down to the eyes

Vince was 34
Method: Oil on Canvas
Size: 44.5cm x 33.6cm
Location: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
“If, on the other hand, one wants the truth, life as it is, then there are so many other masterpieces, all portraying life as we feel it themselves, thus satisfying our need for being told the truth.” (From Vince to Wilhelmina van Gogh, 1887, Paris)
First time I met Vince, this was the portrait that got me; shook me to the core and since haven’t let me go from Gogh’s wonders.
Feel art, indulge in it. Techniques and stuff can be left with scholars
Art is good; good is art


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