Lilac Bush (Lilacs) – May, 1990, Saint-Remy


Lilac Bush (Lilacs) (May, 1990, Saint-Remy)

Vincent was 2 month from his death
Oil on Canvas
73 × 92 cm (28.7 × 36.2 in)
Currently at Hermitage Museum
“My dear Theo,
Tomorrow I shall send a small roll of canvases by goods train. There are four, namely the following:
1. View of Arles – Orchards in bloom
2. Ivy
3. Lilacs
4. Red Chestnuts in the Jardin des Plantes in Arles
Which will go with the ones you already have, such as the red and green Vineyard, the Garden,the Harvest, the Starry Sky.
I am putting in with them some more studies which are dry, but which are more studies from nature than subjects for pictures.” (From #vincentvangogh to Theo van Gogh, 9th July, 1890, Saint-Remy)
“As you see, I have been to Arles to get these canvases, the attendant here accompanied me. We went to M. Salles’ house, but he had gone on vacation for two months, then to the hospital to see M. Rey, whom I did not find either. Then we spent the day with my former neighbours, such as my old charwoman and some others.
You get very fond of people who have seen you ill, and it has done me a world of good to see again some people who were kind and gentle with me then. Someone told me that M. Rey had passed an examination and had been to Paris, but the porter at the hospital said he did not know anything about it. I am curious to know if you have seen him, for he had intended to go and see the exhibition and to pay you a visit then. The doctor here may not be going to Paris, he suffers a good deal from his gout.”
#vangogh #gogh #art #artist #paint #painter #painting #artwork #stillife #oilpainting #flower #lilac (at Государственный Эрмитаж. The State Hermitage museum. Official page.)


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