Cafe Terrace at Night Controversy (?) – Open Debate 

So as it happened last night, I was web surfing on the topic of Cafe Terrace at Night (on Place du Forum) for further investigation into the topic whether van Gogh has embedded it with religious components reflective of the Last Supper 👀


Here are both versions of it – The Cafe Terrace at Nighto-464222936-570.jpg


And here’s an excerpt from the Huffinton Post about it: “Baxter essentially believes that van Gogh subtly inserted da Vinci’s “Last Supper” — or at least the “genre” of Last Supper paintings, which often had different compositions of diners and Judas departing — into “Cafe Terrace at Night.” What follows here is the crux of Baxter’s argument, as explained to The Huffington Post, so be prepared to get sucked down a Dan Brown-esque rabbit hole.

Van Gogh included potentially religious elements after the original sketch of “Cafe Terrace at Night.”


And here’s the acclaimed Last Supper by Da Vinci 🙇🏻 Notice any resemblance?

o-464222936-570 (1).jpg


My arms are open for debate, suggestion or simple thoughts on it 🤔 I think I will make a new menu titled: [Van Gogh Mysteries] or [Van Gogh Debate](?)


Enlighten me 🙏🏻 😭



  1. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility… the Wiki article on the painting in question, which mentions what Vincent was writing / reading / thinking about at the time, is partly illuminating [no pun] Certainly, the central figure of the waiter might be interpreted as Christ; the shadowy figure disappearing into the cafe, Judas…

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